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We make it safer to work in highly explosive environments

About Us


The Company was founded in 1997 after realising the need for “explosion protected equipment” in South Africa.The company’s founding members strived to empower and educate end users to realise the danger of using standard diesel and electric mobile equipment in areas where explosive environments exist or may exist during normal operation or a spill. Ever since the company has established itself and grown to be the leading supplier of “PYROBAN Explosion Protected converted forklift trucks in Southern Africa and beyond.



Our core business is to convert industrial equipment to be explosion protected suitable for, Zone 1, Zone
2, Zone 21 and 22. Diesel and Electric Industrial equipment including but not limited to:

> Forklift trucks
> Reach truck
>Pallet truck
> Stacker
> Sweeper
> Service of explosion protected equipment as above
> Sale of converted explosion protected equipment as above
> Conduct Ex Annual Safety Audit on Ex forklift trucks.
> Consult and advise on the area classification requirement