Companies need to ensure that their business has proper comprehensive risk cover. There are many companies off ering risk cover. One such company is AIG. One of their options is considered to be well suited to any type of factory. This product is designed to help employers meet the ever demanding and highly competitive employee market by providing comprehensive personal accident insurance beyond the minimal contractual obligations of Workers’ Compensation and General Liability cover.


  • Complementing a General Liability policy by covering injuries under a separate accident policy
  • Providing medical benefits to insured members who are injured in a covered accident
  • Paying benefits regardless of fault
  • Coverage includes the commute between home and place of service, a benefit not typically found in many General liability or Workers’ Compensation programmes.

The more knowledge or experience companies have about the use of a certain product, the lower the risk factor to itself and its employees. With training offered the workers must be made aware of all the potential dangers and risk involved within the environment they are exposed to. This will foster a culture of working with caution and minimise any unnecessary negligence that could cause an accident. This caution should also include activities such as disposal of wastes and material. Such training would be useful for employees.