In spite of all the safety checks that are conducted in the workplace emergencies can still occur. All employees need knowledge and well allocated resources in case such a catastrophe occurs. These measures need to be taken even before there is a threat of a fire, explosion or any similar incident. Places or rooms where paint, thinners or other flammable solvents are stored – these rooms need to be well ventilated. Clearly marked signs to warn employees of risks. Factories need to have proficient fire equipment on-hand
in case a fire does break out. You can get this equipment from Chubb.

What happens if there is a fire?

Your employees need to be trained to do the following: If a fire involving paint does occur, the first thing that can be done is to try extinguishing it with foam or powder. If the paint goes into an eye, wash it immediately with water and consult a doctor as soon as possible. If the paint splashes on skin, wash with water and soap and if skin colour starts to change in the affected area consult a doctor immediately. If you feel sick from inhalation of fumes contact a doctor urgently. Among the dangers of fire and explosion there is also a danger of employees inhaling unhealthy substances that can cause terrible harm to internal organs. That is where air filtration comes in. Air filters will filter a lot of dangerous and unwanted substances.

According to Industrial dust collector systems, this is why air filters are needed in a factory:

  • It reduces risk in terms of employees having a cleaner working environment
  • It increases productivity due to the clean air and employees not being sick all the time
  • It improves product quality Better employee morale.