Even with the best quality protective equipment, companies need to educate their employees that safety is mandatory and that they must consistently wear safety gear. How can companies achieve this? Raisin Pillai, Director, Vikayen Suppliers says, “Companies need to train their equipment on a consistent basis. If PPE is not properly maintained, it will not last long, thus not protecting the wearer. Poorly maintained equipment can be a greater hazard. For example glasses that are dirty create visibility problems, chemical gloves with pin holes will allow chemicals to touch the workers skin and shoes that are broken or worn out become a tripping hazard.” “Before each use, workers need to inspect their equipment for any issues or problems. Never think that your PPE will last forever, even if it seems to still be in a workable condition. Regular training with employees is recommended as workers need to be reminded about their safety as often as possible,” he explains. Even with all the prescribed safety gear, a company will always be subject to some kind of risk. Neil Freemantle, from SafeCo who specialises in production and procurement says placing systems, protocols or preventions in place off er a solution to stop accidents from happening. “But we all know accidents can happen and that is where PPE comes into play. It acts as the backup or fail safe should something go wrong,” he advised.