The Company was founded in 1997 after realising the need of “explosion protected equipment” in South Africa. The company founding members strived to empower and educate end user to realise the danger of using standard diesel and electric mobile equipment in areas where explosive environment exists or may exist during normal operation or a spill. Ever since the company has established itself and grown to be the leading supplier of “PYROBAN Explosion Protected” converted forklift trucks in Southern Africa and beyond. The PYROBAN SYSTEM 5000D/E later SYSTEM6000D/E has been a remarkable success in this part of the world with its capability of taking the away the safety responsibility from the operator. See more details in our brochure. We take pride in what we offer our customers and the industry for a better safe work environment.

“Be Safe, Be Ex Compliant”

Brian L Atkins


Our Mission

Explosion Protected Equipment (Pty) Ltd mission is to be leaders in supplying our client’s explosion protected equipment with our partner PYROBAN Brands to be compliant, create safe working environment, saving lives and investment that could have happened in potentially explosive working/storage environment.

Our Vision

Our AIMS are to be:

Lead the way in the explosion protection equipment supply in the Southern Hemisphere
Provide technical awareness Ex equipment compliance
Be relevant in the ever changing industrial environment we serve.



Quality Assurance


  • Our forklift trucks are converted under PYROBAN LTD licence, an internationally recognized leading explosion protection equipment system suppliers.
  • PYROBAN Build Licence is certified by ATEX
  • Our conversion are checked, inspected and tested for local RSA Ex compliance by authorized Inspection Authority houses.
  • Our forklift trucks are issued with an IA Certificate by an independent South African Inspection Authority.
  • Our forklift trucks are subjected to Ex Annual Safety Audit to make sure the Ex integrity of the forklift is not compromised.
  • Safety 100%
  • Quality 100%
  • Customer Happiness 95%